2016 Time Freedom Summit Operational Equity Module Limited Analysis Free Gift

Dental Consultant in Chicago

Time Freedom Summit Free Gift:

“Operational Equity”

Module Limited Analysis


Thank you so very much for taking the time to listen to Diana’s podcast by means of Dr. Nomita Mehta’s 2016 Time Freedom Summit. Diana hopes that you took away handfuls of information to implement into your personal and professional life, your dental practice, organization or business, personal and professional relationships, etc., that will help to create the ‘Quality of Life’ you’ve always envisioned.

As a ‘Thank You’, Dental Performance Institute would like to offer you an “Operational Equity Module Limited Analysis” as a free gift for either your single location practice or if a multi-site company, one practice of your choice.

To claim your complimentary gift, Click Here to fill out the ‘Contact Form’.

  • After completing the contact form, you will see a box below the form that will allow you to schedule a 30-minute consultation with Diana.
  • Once scheduled, Diana will contact you and request specific reports to generate from your practice management software system. You will then e-mail reports to her.
  • Once received, she will perform a limited analysis on each report.
  • After completion of analysis, she will schedule a time with you to either speak by phone or visit virtually (Skype) to offer feedback focused on ways to take the equity located in the reports off the table and place it back into your revenue stream.

Again, Thank You for your time. Diana looks forward to hearing from you soon.