Speaker Requests

Speaker Requests

Diana Thompson, a dental practice consultant and coach from Dental Performance Institute with over 30 years experience, can share her wisdom with your organization. Request her as your dental consultant speaker today. Fill out the form below to submit a speaker request.

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Our Values & Beliefs

Customized Solutions

Dental Performance Institute does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. Each of our Implementation Action Plans are developed to suit our individual clients’ vision, goals and practice requirements.

Measured Success

For Dental Performance Institute, success is not only measured by metrics but by watching their clients and their teams experience practice success, regenerated income, and personal achievement, which allows them to live their best lives.

Our Approach


At Diana Thompson’s speaking events, she shares her enthusiasm about helping revitalize dental practices. She also shares some of the wisdom that only comes by working more than thirty years in the dental industry.

For Diana, success isn’t measured by dollars and metrics alone but by watching her clients and their teams experience growth and success of their practices. By regenerating their income and achieving personal goals within their practices, helping clients get their practices back on track is what drives Diana’s passion. Assisting clients to create a positive work-life balance in order to live their best lives is how Diana measures the success of Dental Performance Institute.

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