Consulting & Coaching

Transition Coaching

When your dental practice is undergoing a transition, it will experience its own unique set of challenges. Dental Performance Institute partners with experienced, dental-specific and industry-skilled trusted advisors to assist and support you and your team through these challenges. From finding avenues to regenerate revenues and decrease expenses to restructuring your unique operational environment, Dental Performance Institute will work with you to optimize your changing dental practice. Through our transition coaching efforts, our objective is to assist you in achieving your goal of a smooth, efficient practice transition.

Because every dental practice transition presents unique challenges, Dental Performance Institute is here to help you navigate them. From creating a brand new management team to designing an operational environment that decreases stress and increases productivity, we will work with you to develop an environment that promotes growth and success in your transitioning dental practice.

How We Help

Change is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. At Dental Performance Institute, our focus is to keep you excited about those changes. Whether your practice is transitioning from a single location to a multi-site operation, a single practitioner to a group practice, or acquiring an existing dental practice, unexpected issues might arise that we are equipped to help you navigate. Dental Performance Institute’s coaches and trusted advisors can develop strategies to aid you with these concerns.

To complete your transition coaching, Dental Performance Institute’s services include:

  • Transition consulting, coaching, and integration after acquisition
  • Financial, operational module, and system standardization analyses to locate Operational Equity® and increase revenue
  • Automated metrics creation and monthly evaluation
  • Acquisition analysis, coaching, and systems implementation
  • Dental insurance fee impact analyses, credentialing, and fee negotiations
  • Strategic planning, organization, and implementation training
  • Management and administrative team organizational structure creation
  • Experience/skill evaluation, training, and team unification

At Dental Performance Institute, we are dedicated to successfully aiding general dental practices, specialty practices, oral surgeons, and their teams. To schedule your consultation today, call us at (630) 549-3224.

Our Values & Beliefs

Customized Solutions

Dental Performance Institute does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. Each of our Implementation Action Plans are developed to suit our individual clients’ vision, goals and practice requirements.

Measured Success

For Dental Performance Institute, success is not only measured by metrics but by watching their clients and their teams experience practice success, regenerated income, and personal achievement, which allows them to live their best lives.

Our Approach

During your transition coaching, we will perform our Operational Equity® Analysis to ensure you are making the right decisions to promote continued growth and success in your changing practice. When the time comes for your practice to make a transition, Dental Performance Institute is here to assist you in navigating the needs of your changing business.

The coaches and trusted advisors of Dental Performance Institute understand the challenges that specifically arise when your practice is in a transition period. At Dental Performance Institute, our focus is to help you grow your dental practice and achieve your business goals. Dental Performance Institute will help you find the right path while working with you to create the right environment for your dental practice.

We welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to begin optimizing your changing dental practice! Call us at (630) 549-3224 or fill out our contact form and schedule a time using our Calendly link to request a complimentary consultation. We will respond to you within 24-hours of receiving your information.

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