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Dental Consultant in Columbus, OH

Dental Consultant in Columbus works hands-on in the dental industry with dental clients nationally for over 31+ years, has and continues to provide each of our trusted advisory consultants / coaches with the solid understanding as to the continuing changes within the industry, the headaches, pressures, and challenges each dental business owner(s), dental company, and/or executive team face when it comes to operating and managing dental business operations, creating the proper team and environment for growth and success, properly starting-up, selling, and/or purchasing a dental practice, transitioning the dental practice seamlessly, and / or providing the proper employment manual that is state and federal compliant.

Depending on the situation happening within your business, our experienced dental specific and industry skilled team members and Trusted Advisory Partners can assist and support you and/or your team to achieve your goals, get around hurdles, increase revenues while decreasing expenses, and/or structure the operational environment for proper training and success.

Hononegah Dental 101711Dental Consultant in Columbus, OH continues to partner with Dentists, Dental Specialists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS) practitioners (existing and start-ups), Dental Practice Management Administrative Companies (DPM), Dental Service Organizations (DSO) and Medicaid model entities to assist in standardizing and improving operations and system modules, implementation of proper logistics, evaluation of specialty referral base(s) for growth, strengthening team dynamics, and *employment compliance to include *HR management to elevate profitability, efficiency, and overall practice performance.

Is Your Dental Business “Performing” to its Potential?

What is the definition of ‘Performance?’ Performance is defined as a ‘Public Presentation.’ Columbus OH Dental Performance Institute was created with that specific definition in mind-that each person and department within a dental business-including the dentist/OMS-perform their duties at the highest level possible with the utmost skill, knowledge, and confidence. Everyday is ‘showtime’ within the work environment. This type of focus creates an atmosphere of professionalism, continuity, and connection not only for all patients visiting your dental business, but for each dentist, associate, and team member contributing to the everyday operations.
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A Dental Operations Analyst by trade, Diana’s clients’ praise her most for being innovative, honest, direct, and professional. Part of Diana’s process is to assist clients with the setup, implementation, training, and team building programs required to ensure that the cultural and other changes needed for growth to occur, will continue and stay with a practice or dental corporation well into the future.

Satisfied Patients = Referring Patients = Business Success, which in turn = Happiness for All!


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