About Diana Thompson

A Dental Practice Operations and Financial Analyst by trade, Diana founded Dental Performance Institute in 2012. With thirty-three years of dental industry experience, including nineteen years of business analysis, consulting, and coaching expertise, Diana leads Dental Performance Institute with an honest, direct approach.

Diana’s career in the dental industry began with her first after school job where she assisted in a dental office. With such a lengthy and varied relationship with the dental industry, Diana truly understands the business aspect in a way few others do. What she does differently is look at all pieces of a struggling dental business to determine what is holding it back from increasing revenues, improving efficiencies, and advancing toward business growth goals.

Revitalizing underperforming businesses drives Diana to keep growing Dental Performance Institute. To achieve these goals for her clients, Diana’s approach incorporates a thorough assessment of business operations, financials, leadership, goals, and outstanding Operational Equity®. As part of this approach, Diana helps clients implement training and team building programs to ensure that changes needed for business optimization and development can continue well into the future.

What Diana wants most is longevity and success for all her clients. Today, dentists are struggling. While some are profitable, many dentists struggle to understand the changing business aspects of their dental practices. For Diana, the most satisfying aspect of revitalizing underperforming dental businesses and regenerating their income is seeing the decrease in stress for not only the dentists and owners but everyone involved in the entire practice from office staff to corporate owners. Many times, Diana notes, there is a complete change in personality that comes from the reduction of stress and increase of profitability.

For Diana, success is not only measured by metrics but also by watching her clients and their teams experience practice success, regenerated income, and personal achievement, which allows her clients to live their best lives. Diana’s honest, direct approach and innovative ideas for revitalizing businesses have earned her high praise from both her clients and industry-trusted advisors.

When she’s not busy growing Dental Performance Institute, Diana enjoys raising her German Shepherd Shadow, riding motorcycles with her handsome man, cooking, traveling, and singing—she used to be the lead singer of a local classic rock cover band in Chicago!

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