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Dental Consultant in Chicago

Depending on the situation happening within your dental business, our experienced dental specific and industry skilled team members and Trusted Advisory Partners can assist and support you and/or your team to achieve goals, get around hurdles, regenerate already produced dollars, increase revenues while decreasing expenses, and/or structure the operational environment for proper training and success.

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A Dental Practice Operations and Financial Analyst by trade, Diana’s clients’ and industry trusted advisors praise her most for being innovative, honest, direct, and professional. Her approach incorporates a focused 360-degree assessment of business operations, financials, leader(s), (exploring vision, goals) outstanding “Operational Equity”®, and their team(s) – helping an organization to see what is holding them back from increasing and/or regenerating revenues, scaling, improving efficiency, and advancing their business growth goals.

With 32-years of dental industry experience, which includes 19-years of business analysis, consulting and coaching expertise, Diana specializes in organizing, standardizing, and improving practice operations, patient and referral base retention, financial growth, increasing brand awareness, new business development, team building and communication, internal and external conflict management, acquisition to transition, start-up practices, credentialing, and compliance. As part of her process, she helps clients create and implement the training and team building programs required to ensure that the cultural and other changes needed for growth to occur, will continue and stay with a practice or dental corporation well into the future. Diana sees through the white noise and helps under-performing businesses turnaround and revitalize their business operations in a timely manner.

Dental Performance Institute® consults and coaches with all size dental and/or specialty practices, i.e. single location, multiple locations, growing DSO’s and DPM’s, FFS, PPO providers, and Medicaid driven models local to Chicago, regionally, and nationally.

“Success is achieved when clients (DDS, DMD and OMS), executives, and their teams thrive at enhancing or rebuilding their professional career and personal life to live the ‘Essence of Life’ they have always envisioned. Seeing the light bulb go on while watching the CEO/Entrepreneur and his/her team grow within their career provides me with a strong sense of accomplishment because I know that I and our team of dental specific and industry skilled coaches was and continue to be an integral part of their coaching journey as they allow us to be their Trusted Advisor every step of the way.”

– Diana

Dedicated to assisting dentists (GP, Specialty, OMS), throughout the country, their practices of all sizes and location, and their teams to not only be successful, profitable and skilled, but to find their place and maneuver their self in the dental world that presents itself today.

When I’m not working w/dentists and growing Dental Performance Institute, in my spare time, I enjoy raising my German Shepherd, hanging out w/my handsome man and riding our motorcycles, cooking, traveling, and singing (use to be lead singer in a local classic rock cover band).