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Calling Dental Businesses that are Growing into an Emerging Dental Service Organization (DSO)
(0-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 locations)


Are Looking to Add to Your Portfolio While Regenerating Already Produced Revenues (Outstanding “Operational Equity!”®), Standardizing Operations, and Strengthening Team Dynamics!

  • Is your Emerging Dental Service Organization (DSO) in need of a solid Organizational Structure and Chain-of-Command process to support the current Operational Environment and Future Growth of acquired practices or new practice start-ups?
  • Are you a Multi-Site and/or Multi-State dental business looking to develop into a Dental Service Organization (DSO), but aren’t sure the how’s and what’s to make it happen?
  • Are you looking to strengthen the overall operations, team formation and skills, and functions of your practice(s) to either attract larger DSO’s to purchase your practice or DPM’s to manage the administrative operations of your practice?
  • As an executive of your potential or current Emerging DSO, are you having challenges growing profitability in each practice because the operations at each location are not standardized across the organization for efficient work environments?
  • Is the middle management team (Directors, Practice Administrators, Business Managers, etc.) trained with the proper experience to proactively dissect issues, create solutions and execute implementation at the levels needed to properly advance each location toward overall profitability and efficiency?
  • Are your office teams in the correct formation to grow said location for success? And, is each member of your office team trained properly for their position to accelerate growth through solid case acceptance then scheduling cases in a timely manner?
  • Are you a Dental Practice Management Administrative Company (DPM) that is looking to not only add locations to your portfolio, but possibly standardize and solidify each of the practices’ operational modules, team dynamics, and organizational structure for success?
  • Are you a newer DPM starting out that is looking to consolidate certain practice operational components into a Central Business Location/Office? Are you looking for assistance in hiring and training the right team members to manage and work solidly at this location?

Depending on your answers to these questions, Dental Performance Institute® can put your dental business/practice(s) on track to achieve your vision and goals while working with you and your teams to take you to the levels imagined and desired.

Contact us today to inquire about services we provide to dental businesses looking to grow into a DSO, dental practices looking to attract private equity firms and/or DSO organizations, or DPM’s looking to standardize operations for profitability and efficiency while attracting and hiring the highest level of experienced team members available in the marketplace today.