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August 10, 2017

New Outstanding “Operational Equity”® Podcast
Growing Dentist Podcast Show Episode 41

‘Getting Equity Off The Table and Back into Your Dental Practice!’

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January 2017

“Operational Equity”® Module Analysis Process and Info

Dr. Nomita Mehta interviewing Diana for The Time Freedom Summit.

Podcast is titled; “Locating “Operational Equity”® +Increase In Revenues = Quality of Life”

Analyze/Evaluate Financials and Operational Modules =
Locate Outstanding “Operational Equity”® =
Regenerating Already Produced $$$ to Increase Revenues!

5-8-17 – Testimonial: “Operational Equity”®

“After listening to numerous webinars on how to increase freedom and more time Dianne’s approach made a lot of sense to me. She points out there are systems in the practice that need to be identified and perfected to tap into those profits. Thru her unique analysis of your current stats she is able to guide you to where your profits might be hiding and minimize what is not working. There is a lot of untapped equity in every practice and it is very helpful when one can guide you directly to it and turn it into real dollars. Diana has made it crystal clear when you are extremely profitable all other problems seem to work out. Thank you for your insight and sharing it.”

Anita S Gordon, D.D.S. Atlanta, GA

The majority of dentists are not business majors. Each attend dental school to learn then practice the art of dentistry, not the practice management of how to operate and manage a profitable and growing dental business in addition to leading their team in the direction of growth, organization, and standard operating protocol. This is where Dental Performance Institute® comes in and our process is as follows:

  • We generate software reports while analyzing additional reports, review the practice P&L to start and complete a comprehensive financial and operational analysis (administrative and clinical) on all operational components.
  • We then interview owners, associates, and each team member to not only achieve their view of the practice, but to get a better understanding of their experience, skill level, and belief system when it comes to operations and the position they work in each day.
  • Next, we observe your office operations for an entire work day to identify areas within the existing operations that are in need of enhancement, repair, or overhaul. We also concentrate on identifying the modules that have aided in the practice’s business growth and customize tracking spreadsheets (or recommend an automated software approach) to keep those modules working as identified.
  • Once the analysis day and observation day are complete, we create a practice analysis report which includes the practices Outstanding “Operational Equity”® and the practices CUSTOMIZED implementation action plan pertaining to areas in need of enhancement and/or overhaul. Report and Plan are then presented to and discussed with the owner(s) and executives (if applicable).

Dental Performance Institute does not work to fit each of our clients in a ‘box on a shelf’ type of Implementation Action Plan. We customize each of our Implementation Action Plans to our clients vision and practice needs.

Upon agreement to make necessary changes to the business operations and team dynamics, our coaches then guide the practice owner(s) and team through the customized implementation action plan and their new journey by way of on-site visits and/or virtual meetings to achieve the level of success envisioned by the owner(s) and discovered within the comprehensive analysis.

If a transition is part of the equation, we incorporate that aspect into the analysis and work to ensure a smooth transition occurs between the owners and team members prior to and once the changeover takes place. The level of analysis is solely up to you.

After the customized action plan is created, next step is operational Module Implementation.