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Operational Module Implementation

At Dental Performance Institute, our goal is the help you continually grow your business to make your practice stand out from many others in the marketplace. Dental Performance Institute will analyze your existing operations and make suggestions for improvement or restructure to optimize your dental business.

Below are a few of the operational modules we will evaluate:

Financial Management

During our Operational Equity® Analysis, we will locate the areas of your practice that are underperforming and impeding collections, including accounts receivable, insurance analysis, and practice overhead.

Dental Insurance

During our Operational Equity® Analysis, we will specifically review the outstanding insurance claims and the impact dental insurance has on your practice’s profits. Then, we will work with you to regenerate the outstanding revenue and figure out which PPO plans are working or not working for your dental business.

Team Dynamics

A successful team is a key component of a successful business. We evaluate the structure of your team to determine if essential requirements such as internal communication, customer service training, time management skills, and conflict management are being satisfied.

Client Management

Clients are imperative to a thriving dental business. We will evaluate your current patient programs, including active and new clients, scheduling system, referral base, and retention management practices to determine if improvements can increase your profitability.

Hygiene and Clinical Department

In addition to our business analysis, we will also assess the hygiene and clinical departments to determine if the current strategies are working efficiently for optimum operational flow, chair utilization, recare or perio programs, dental assistant training, and strategic scheduling.


We will evaluate your practice’s current marketing strategy to ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing plan. Our trusted advisors will be able to optimize a marketing strategy to help you reach your practice goals.

Practice Transition

When the time comes to purchase an existing practice or transition your practice into a larger dental business, we are here to assist you through by analyzing the needs of your changing business.

Compliance Analysis

We will assist you in developing an employee manual to integrate into your dental business that will not only render your practice compliant but also help each team member understand the rules and regulations your practice must follow.  We will help ensure adherence to OSHA and HIPPA compliance regulations and help build an environment to promote the growth and success of your practice.

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