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The power of human compassion cannot be underestimated. Though dental schools teach the art and science of dentistry, they don’t always teach you how to explain costly procedures to your patients who are in desperate need of dental care. However, a case management system or highly trained treatment coordinator will provide this ability to your practice.

In your dental practice, case management is important to ensuring your patients not only follow through with the care they require but that they also pay their large bills timely. Therefore, case management plays a significant role in your practice’s long-term financial success. If your practice has experienced patients who don’t follow through with their prescribed dental procedures because of price shock, you may need to enlist the aid of a practice management systems coordinator.

What is Case Management?

Case management or treatment coordination is the clarification of services and treatments that you, the dentist, have prescribed to your patient, including an explanation of the costs. Because many patients are unaware of the high costs involved with dental procedures, they experience a state of shock when they are confronted with the cost of keeping their oral health.

However, with case management training, you and your staff will be able to compassionately explain the necessary procedures and that the end results of their treatments justify the costs. Case management encourages patients to follow through with their treatments and increases your practice’s profitability. When your patients are satisfied knowing they’ve received your best care, they’re more likely to remain loyal to your practice and even refer your practice to others. Satisfied patients are key to your practice’s long-term growth and success.

Why do you need Case Management training?

With the help of an effective treatment coordinator, patients are more likely to see their prescribed treatment through to completion. Treatment coordination encompasses everything from explaining the procedure to developing a payment plan for your patient. To optimize your case management module, it is crucial to understand the needs of your patients and how those needs affect your practice.

Because each dental practice has different case management planning, Dental Performance Institute’s offers treatment coordination training. This training encompasses how to assist your patients through this process while working to increase income and productivity for the long-term success of your practice.

Why hire Dental Performance Institute?

The consultants and coaches at Dental Performance Institute will work with you and your staff to help you optimize your dental business’ case management procedures. Through our Operational Equity® analysis, we discover any outstanding issues in your current process that may be impeding your business income.

At Dental Performance Institute, our goal is to help you optimize all of your operational modules to improve the profitability and growth of your dental practice. With over thirty years of experience in the dental industry, Dental Performance Institute has the knowledge to guide your dental practice to long-term profitability and success.

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