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As a dentist, you studied the art and science of dentistry, but you probably didn’t study an easy way to keep up with the ever-changing world of dental insurance. However, dental insurance is an important and essential part of the business aspect of operating your dental business. In your dental practice, dental insurance payments are part of your income and, therefore, play a significant role in your practice’s long-term financial success.

If your dental practice has issues with dental insurance claims, it’s time to engage the assistance of a professional dental insurance consultant.

Dental Insurance

Dental procedures can be costly for many patients, and as such, many of your patients have dental insurance. In order to receive payment, you and your staff need to know how to process these insurance claims. Each dental insurance company has its own standards of allowable, predetermined coverage for each individual patient.

Though insurance claims can be quite tedious, dental insurance allows you to offer your best care in a more affordable manner for many of your patients. When your patients are able to use their insurance benefits to receive excellent dental care, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your practice and even refer your practice to others. Satisfied patients are key to your practice’s long-term growth and success.

Changing Processes

Advancements in technology are making paper processing an obsolete method, and electronic options for processing dental insurance claims are frequently changing. However, along with new processing options comes quicker payments for your practice.

With many options for processing your dental insurance claims, finding the right one for your dental practice can be complicated. From outsourcing your practice’s claims processing to in-house processing by your own staff, insurance claims require a lot of attention and time.

At Dental Performance Institute, our expert dental consultants and coaches will help you optimize your dental insurance module. We will help ensure that you and your staff are not spending unnecessary time or money tracking and monitoring denied claims or collection items. Our focus is to improve your dental practice’s insurance processing procedures in order to help reduce those denied claims and speed up the payment process to put those funds back to work for your practice.

Why hire Dental Performance Institute?

Dental Performance Institute’s consultants and coaches will work with you to review your business’ dental insurance practices. Because dental insurance claims represent outstanding income, it is important that you and your staff optimize insurance claims processing to decrease the time spent processing claims and waiting for payments. Through our Operational Equity® analysis, we will work with you and your staff to recognize any dental insurance processing issues. Our goal is to help you optimize these procedures to reduce outstanding collections to increase your incoming funds.

Dental Performance Institute will help optimize your dental insurance processing operations to improve the profitability and growth of your dental practice. With over thirty years of experience in the dental industry, Dental Performance Institute has the knowledge to guide your dental practice to long-term profitability and success.

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