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As a dentist, you learned the importance of preventive oral healthcare such as bi-annual cleanings, but what you probably didn’t learn is how important your hygiene department is to your business’ bottom line. Your hygiene department is a valuable and essential part of the business operations of your dental business that often goes overlooked.

Your hygiene department is one of your business’ greatest assets. You actively hire exceptional hygienists, and you should rely on their dental expertise and assistance in business aspects as well. If you’re not sure how to operate your hygiene department to actively increase your business and income, you may need to enlist the help of a dental hygiene consultant.

More Than Just Teeth Cleaners

Hygiene services are important to maintain your patients’ overall oral health. But rather than just the teeth cleaning department, your hygiene department can actually influence the success of your dental practice.

The staff members who make up your highly trained hygiene department provide excellent patient care and have many contact points with your patients. As a tool, your hygiene department can actively gain referrals while they’re engaging with your existing patients. These referrals will then be used to grow your practice through new patients, existing patient retention, or even reactivating the patients who haven’t visited in a while.

Utilize the Experts in Your Practice

You’ve vetted the staff in your hygiene department and trained them in the particulars of your practice, so you know they are the best. Because they are the best, don’t underestimate their expertise and ability to aid in the business aspects of your practice. By utilizing the training of your hygiene department, your dental practice and business can benefit from their expertise.

Your hygiene department provides an interesting perspective toward patient retention or reactivation and can even be counted on to help up sell services to your existing patients. This inclusion in the business aspects may improve team dynamics and cooperation throughout your staff. By employing your hygiene department to assist your practice with referrals and potential sales techniques, you will open new strategies for increased productivity for the long-term success of your dental practice.

With clear expectations of your hygiene department, you’ll be sure to not under utilize your staff’s expertise.

Why hire Dental Performance Institute?

Through our Operational Equity® analysis, we will work with you and your staff to discover any business issues hiding within your practice’s hygiene department module. Because your hygiene department is important for patient retention, it is important that you and your staff optimize understand the business aspects to this operational module.

At Dental Performance Institute, our focus is to help you optimize all of your operational modules in order to improve the profitability and growth of your dental practice. Dental Performance Institute’s consultants and coaches have over thirty years of experience and the knowledge to guide your dental practice to long-term profitability and success.

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