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The power of networking cannot be underestimated. As a dentist, you attended dental school to learn the art and science of dentistry, and while you were there, you likely made a lot of great, lasting relationships with other dental specialists. However, while you were there, you didn’t necessarily learn how to handle the demands of the business aspects of your dental practice. In your dental practice, one of these necessary aspects of building your business is building a referral network and learning how to manage it.

Your referral base is one of your business’s greatest assets. Your patients know you’re an exceptional dentist, and we know you’re an exceptional dentist. But if your referral base is not bringing in the referrals you it could, it may be time to look for a dental referral consultant to help optimize your referrals and your practice. Do other referring dentists know you’re an exceptional dentist?

What is a Referral Base?

Networking and word of mouth are key to building a strong referral base. Your referral base is made up of the successful relationships and excellent reputation you’ve earned both with your patients and your fellow healthcare professionals. Referrals and recommendations from your former and current patients or your network of respected dental healthcare professionals is not only a good way to help build your existing dental practice but is essential in its long-term success.

When your patients are satisfied with the care you provide, they will happily tell others about the excellent care received at your dental practice. Additionally, your network of respected professionals will offer their recommendations based on the quality of services you provide for mutual patients and your solid reputation. Maintaining this network is a vital aspect of your dental business, almost as important as the clinical side of your practice.

Analyzing your Referral Base

Being an exceptional dentist and a successful dentist are not necessarily the same thing. In analyzing your existing network of patients and dental professionals, Dental Performance Institute will determine if your dental business is utilizing all available means of gathering new referrals and maintain existing ones for your dental business. New patients are necessary in order to grow your dental business, but retaining your existing patients is imperative to your business’ long-term success, and that’s one of the things Dental Performance Institute will work with you to optimize.

By optimizing your referral base, you can expect to see more patients coming through your doors. What this means for you is that we will pay detailed attention to your presentation, how you make a first impression, your team dynamics, your clinical practice, and your staff. Every facet of your practice gives patients and referring physicians an impression of who you are and the quality of care you provide. Maintain each of these aspects plays an important role in building your referral base. You want your practice to be the place where people want to be and the place physicians trust sending their patients to.

Why hire Dental Performance Institute?

At Dental Performance Institute, we understand the importance of building your network. Through our Operational Equity® analysis, we will evaluate your existing referral base to ensure it is serving you and your business in the ways that it should be. Our consultants and trusted advisors work with you to determine the best course of action to build your referral network of dental specialists and new patients while maintaining your existing network.

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