Module Implementation

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Operational Module Analyses and customized implementation processes from the module analysis is extremely important for your dental business. If the operational components are not functioning at the proper levels, and the team working on these components are not trained properly, it can lead to major challenges that will take time to repair.

Below is a list of operational modules we analyze, then monitor, repair, enhance, or overhaul for your dental business.

  • Financial Management – Production, Collections, Accounts Receivable, Insurance Analysis and Management, Billing Practices, Practice Overhead (entire and category), Fee Analysis
  • Hygiene Department – Comprehensive Recare Program, Perio Program, Scheduling, Time Management, Monitoring
  • Case Management – Planning, Presentation, Scheduling, Follow-Up, Next Visit, Treatment Completion, Monitoring
  • Dental Insurance – (Impact Analysis and Fee Negotiation for Single Location, Group Practices, and DSO/MSO Entities)
  • Clinical Department – Operational Flow Analysis & Enhancement, Chair Utilization Analysis, Baton Passing, Dental Assistant Training, Time Management, Monitoring
  • Team Dynamics – Structure, Communication, Unification, Customer Service Training, Practice Goal Awareness, Conflict Management
  • General Practice Patient Base Management – Active and New, Retention – Continually Grow Your Business
  • Marketing / Advertising / Promotions – Website, Social & Mobile Media, Invitations, Testimonials, Budget
  • Strategic Scheduling – Best Practice Time Management, Goal Creation, Monitoring
  • Value Based New Client Experience – Current Program Analysis and Enhancement. Set your practice apart from the many others in the marketplace!
  • Technology Analysis – Current Hardware (Need Updating), Software, Integration
  • Facility Analysis – Existing, Addition, New
  • Referral Base Analysis and Management – Both General and Specialty Practice, Retention
  • Practice Transitions – Analysis, Operational Implementation / Enhancement from Owner to New Owner and/or Associate
  • Human Resource Management and Compliance Analysis – Employee Handbook, State and Federal Labor Laws, Job Descriptions, Rules, Regulations
  • OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Analysis

It’s time to locate YOUR “Operational Equity”®!

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