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Welcome to Dental Performance Institute®

Dental Consultant in Chicago

Dental Performance Institute® is a Dental Practice Management Consulting and Coaching Firm that continues to successfully coach dentists, specialists, oral surgeons, and their teams nationally within a single location, group practice, multi-site company, growing DSO (Dental Service Organization(s) environment, Medicaid practice model, etc., by providing the following service offerings:

  • Financial and Operational Module Analyses – Locate Your “Operational Equity!”®
  • Operational Module / Systems Standardization and Organization – Jump Start Equity = Increase Revenues!
  • Automated Metrics Creation and Monthly Evaluation
  • Acquisition Operational Module Analyses – Prior to Purchase
  • Transition Consulting, Coaching, and Seamless Integration – After Purchase
  • Start-Up Practice Program, Coaching, Systems Implementation – Prior to Opening
  • Dental Insurance Fee Impact Analyses, Dentist Credentialing, Possible Fee Negotiations (or Other Alternative(s)), etc.
  • Management Organizational Configuration, Auxiliary and Administrative Team Structure, Experience / Skill Evaluation, Training, and Unification
  • Human Resource Compliance and Regulation Review and Execution of Manual and Tools

Working hands-on in the dental industry with dental clients nationally for over 30+ years has and continues to provide each of our trusted advisory consultants / coaches with the solid understanding as to the continuing changes within the industry, the headaches, pressures, and challenges each dental business owner(s), dental company, and/or executive team face when it comes to operating and managing dental business operations, creating the proper team and environment for growth and success, properly starting-up, selling, and/or purchasing a dental practice, transitioning the dental practice seamlessly, and / or providing the proper employment manual that is state and federal compliant.

Depending on the situation happening within your business, our experienced dental specific and industry skilled team members and Trusted Advisory Partners can assist and support you and/or your team to achieve your goals, get around hurdles, increase revenues while decreasing expenses, and/or structure the operational environment for proper training and success.

Any of the above service offerings interest you?

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Our Mission

Dental Consultant in Chicago

Collaborate with clients and strategic partners locally, regionally, and nationally to turn challenges and issues into opportunity while continually achieving increased profitability and a smooth operating practice / business within a stress free environment.

What Our Clients are Saying

Dental Consultant in Chicago

I have been consulting with Diana Thompson for approximately 9 months. In that time, due to the implementation of her business systems, the practice has experienced such growth that I have had to hire another chair-side assistant. Diana facilitated the placement of the ads, the interview process, checking of references and the hiring. This turned out to be a tremendous bargain when compared to the time and expense it would have taken my current team and myself to screen all of the applicants.

Diana is very professional and hands on. This has been money well spent. I highly recommend Dental Performance Institute.

I am very pleased to report that Diana Thompson delivers more than what is promised. Having worked with her now for approximately 9 months, her systems have caused me to basically double my production (and collections)! She is extremely diligent and a tireless worker on your behalf. You get hands on coaching that is tailored to your specific needs; not a canned “my way is the only way” approach that you get from the bigger and MUCH more expensive consulting firms.

I have researched and been the client of many consulting firms over the last several years, and I can state unequivocally that you will get the best return on your investment with Diana and the Dental Performance Institute. I couldn’t be happier!

5-8-17 – “Operational Equity!”® Dr. Anita Gordon, DDS, Atlanta, GA

“After listening to numerous webinars on how to increase freedom and more time Dianne’s approach made a lot of sense to me. She points out there are systems in the practice that need to be identified and perfected to tap into those profits. Thru her unique analysis of your current stats she is able to guide you to where your profits might be hiding and minimize what is not working. There is a lot of untapped equity in every practice and it is very helpful when one can guide you directly to it and turn it into real dollars. Diana has made it crystal clear when you are extremely profitable all other problems seem to work out. Thank you for your insight and sharing it.”

Anita S Gordon, D.D.S.
Atlanta, GA (GP)

5-8-17 – “Operational Equity!”® Testimonial by Steve Desautel

“I was fortunate enough to attend a gathering of dental practices who sought guidance on how to expand their practice footprint, improve their production and increase their bottom line. This invitation only meeting required serious minded dental practices to submit business plans and practices financials to demonstrate their critical thinking on their knowledge of their own practice, their strengths and weakness, and questions about future hurdles that might impede practice’s growth. All of these emerging practices sought advice from a variety of resources and speakers in attendance with the common goal of how best to grow their practice given their current situation. One resource was Diana Thompson who presented a program titled “Operational Equity!”® which illuminated very succinctly how to ‘discover the untapped equity’ in a dental practice. All the program speakers in attendance were excellent resources, but Diana’s program really stood out. Her engaging style really resonated with the owners of these dental practices. She showed in great detail and unearthed the hidden areas within a practice that will produce improved results and show how a practice will ‘beat last year’s numbers’ and boost a practice’s ‘bottom line’. After hearing her presentation, I have since recommended her to several dental practice owners to consider Diana Thompson’s Dental Performance Institute.”

Steve Desautel, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Dental Health Products, Inc

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